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How the endocannabinoid system functions / get hemp oil and become a team player.


This article will a system that exists in our human body. 

You landed on this page looking for information about the endocannabinoid system.

Boy, that sure is a mouthful isn’t it.

That long word alone is enough to scare anyone off.

Well it didn’t scare me enough, and obviously didn’t you either.

Well let’s get on with it.

I am finally writing this article , dodging it, until I finally committed.

I felt, at first, overwhelmed because I thought I wasn’t qualified.

But I became involved with the industrial hemp business.

It was me evolving, and becoming more fascinated with it.

I will explain how the endocannabinoid system functions.

And by getting hemp oil and becoming a team player.

You see, I must tell you, I am on board and a team player.

I am sponsoring products in this article and will receive a commission if you purchase.

I will include how hemp oil is a natural supplement for our body.

It is important to understand that hemp oil is compatible to our bodies.

You see, medical science discovered the endocannabinoid system in our bodies.

They also discovered the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

The Cannabis plant consist of two species :

The marijuana plant

The industrial hemp plant

I will mention how these two species interact with the endocannabinoid system.

How does the endocannabinoid system function?

Learn how hemp oil becomes a team player with this system.

Let’s start by talking about the cannabis plant.

The Cannibus Plant

Let’s start by stating that marijuana and industrial hemp come from the cannabis family.

That is where the similarities stop.

The marijuana plant has a completely different physical appearance than industrial hemp.

It is a short bushy plant with broad leaves.

The marijuana plant serves it’s purpose in the medical and recreational fields. 

The medical marijuana industry will only mentioned here by name.

The recreational marijuana will be mentioned by name as well.

The industrial hemp plant is physically different than a marijuana plant. 

It is the industrial hemp plant that I want to talk about.

The industrial hemp plant has many very different uses than the marijuana plant.

In fact, those uses total up to be in excess of 2500 different uses.

” Not so fast”, you say. How come there is so much confusion if these plants are so different? 

Let’s talk a little about politics and law.

The Marihuana Act Of 1937

No it’s not misspelled. Not going in to deep here.

I just want to point out some important events here.

1) Smoking marijuana was becoming an issue

2) industrial hemp production had started to make a resurgence in the markets.

3) Industrial giants didn’t want industrial hemp.

4) These giants used political influence to put a ban on all cannabis plants.

5) It was then passed into law banning industrial hemp as well as marijuana use.

I just wanted you to see how one word, cannabis, got two different species outlawed.

To make matters worse the DEA got involved and classified it.

The Controlled Substance Act 1970

Basically what happened here was to put narcotics into cateogories.

I not going to cover the whole gambit here.

Just know that the cannabis plant was put into a category.

This category was called narcotics and included marijuana and industrial hemp.

The general public went along and the misconception moved forward. 

Now I was a teenager at that time and remember ” the talk” about drug use.

Our parents met well and didn’t want to see us get high.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what’s that got to do with hemp.

I remember as teenagers, we talked about hemp as something related to marijuana.

Our society put marijuana and hemp together as a substance that got you high.

It has been only lately that were becoming aware of the difference.

I needed to point out the difference.

That’s OK because a lot of people are still misinformed.

It’s a slow process and I understand why.

A person has to now everything happened from our past. 

Changing a person’s mind about something that was made into law isn’t easy.

Slowly but surely the creaky wheel turns.

What Is Hemp Oil?

The industrial hemp plant is where hemp oil is processed from.

The process I will talk about is a CO2 process.

The whole plant is used and is called a whole spectrum oil.

The whole spectrum oil includes the oil that comes from the hemp seeds.

There are many cannabinoids and vitamins that are processed from the whole plant.

Below is list:

THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol ) – This a crystalline compound that is a main ingredient of the cannabis plant

CBD ( cannabidiol ) – This a phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It makes up 40% of the extract from the industrial hemp plant.

Ongoing recent studies ( 2018 ) on cannabidiol are being conducted.

These studies are focused on anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain.


1) Vitamins B and D


1) magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron

2) it is important to know that these minerals are essential for our bodily functions.

3) Nerve functions and metabolic functions are included.

4) The added benefits will include strong bones.

5) Healthy skin, hair, and blood.


1) The full spectrum extraction process includes cannabidiol.

This compound is getting a lot of attention for its therapeutic abilitities.

The full spectrum extraction also includes all the cannabinoids.

2) This very beneficial for inflammation and pain.

Other cbd oil isolates don’t carry the same benefits.

In fact, cbd oil isolates only benefit is for inflammation and pain.

Fatty Acid

1) Omega 3 and 6 are included in the full spectrum hemp oil

This is why this product is considered a dietary supplement.

The Endocannabinoid System

Our bodies have a endocannabinoid system.

Let’s break that word down so that we know what it means.

Cannabinoid comes from the word cannabis.

Endo comes from endogenous and means ” naturally from within.

So the way I see it, we have cannabinoids that naturally occur inside us.

The endocannabinoid system is involved in a variety of  physiological processes including appetite, pain sensation, mood and memory.

The endocannabinoid system has three parts:

1) endocannabinoids

2) Receptors :

     a) CB1 receptors – These recptors exist more our brain and also nervous system.

     b) CB2 receptors – These receptors exist more densely in our immune system and gastrointestinal system.            

3) enzymes:

These are important so that they can dissolve cannabidnoids and endocannabidnoids.

The reason I mention the enzymes is that it keeps are body in balance.

Once the exact amount of endocannabidnoids and cannabinoids have done their job,

we need to dissolve the rest so we don’t run into other problems.

These three parts are important to the performance of the full spectrum hemp oil.


I was very interested in covering the endocannabinoid system.

Equally important is knowing what full spectrum hemp oil is.

It allows us to understand the importance of the industrial hemp plant.

I also wanted to cover some past laws and eliminate some myths.

I know society will be slow in this acceptance.

Also,  the DEA put the cannabis plant into a schedule 1 cateogory.

This cateogory includes narcotics that are addicting.

This is a false claim and our legislators need to address.

The federal law considers the cannabis plant illegal.

Because of this situation, there is no feral money for further studies.

But just recently ( December 2018 ), Congress passed The Farm Bill Act.

This Act allows for industrial hemp to be grown legally in the USA!

It still needs to be signed into law.

Slowly our legal system is coming around.

I didn’t know what his plant offered until recently.

I had been using a cbd isolate for several months.

I have no complaints about it, it took care of my arthritis pain and stiffness.

But that’s all it did. I didn’t know there was anything else out there.

I had heard of hemp oil but didn’t look into it because I was satisfied with my product.

It wasn’t until I seen full spectrum hemp oil that I then started reading about it.

When I discovered all the added benefits, I was sold.

I mean to say that it was a no brainer for me.

To have all the nutrients, and then add in the cannabinoids to handle my stiffness and arthritis pain.

For me it was a perfect match.

I hope that you can get the same value as I have.

How The Endocannabinoid system functions / Get Healthy With Hemp Oil – Senior Marijuana Affiliate

Get Relief For Arthritis Pain / CBD Oil Is Your Remedy For Joint Inflammation – Senior Marijuana Affiliate

Get Relief For Arthritis Pain / CBD Oil Is Your Remedy For Joint Inflammation.

What Is Arthritis?

Let’s talk about arthritis straight away.

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints.

In broader terms,  there are over 100 different types of arthritis.

These different types are also known as diseases.

Certain types of arthritis disease is what effects all our joints in our bodies.

This would include hip joints, shoulder joints, back, knees, toes, knuckles. 

This includes any place where two bones come together. The connective tissues wear down at the ends of the bone.

The connective tissue is called cartilidge.and is a slick tissue.

When this slick tissue breaks down the bones start to wear against each other.

This is called arthritis which is joint inflammation.

You can get relief for this arthritis by using cbd oil as a remedy for the joint inflammation.

Joint Inflammation ( Osteoarthritis )

At this point I want to talk a little more about the different types of arthritis.

Just know that there are many, many different types of arthritis.

The only type I’m talking about here is Osteoarthritis and the association that it has to joint inflammation.

Any condition that you have must be evaluated by a doctor.

You need to know what type of arthritis you have so that proper treatment can be applied.

I am not a doctor and am not telling you to use cbd oil.

I am telling you that I had x-rays taken and I have Osteoarthritis in my hips and lower back.

The symptoms of my condition included pain and stiffness of my lower back and hips.

Let your doctor know that you are seeking relief for your arthritis pain. 

Include that you heard cbd oil can be a remedy for joint inflammation.

Once my condition was professionally evaluated I then knew how to handle my condition.

Please listen to what I’m saying here. You want to let your doctor know that you plan on taking cbd oil and is it OK to do so.

Let’s face it, our body has a lot of joints.

You can have one or more joints affected. 

The symptoms of this condition result in swelling of the joint, tenderness or soreness, and also pain.

To have the arthritis disease effect these joints can be a major issue.

But there are varying levels of joint symptoms.

This would include mild, moderate and severe.

If you have mild symptoms, they can be managed with minor remedies to relief the pain.

The types of remedies could include:

1) Controlling your physical activity

2) Maintaining proper weight ( lessen the body weight on joints).

3) Application of hot or cold compressions to the affected areas.

4) Prevent doing any repetitive work that would affect those joints.

5) Using devices that can assist you. ( canes etc.)

6) Medications to help alleviate the pain.

Get relief for arthritis pain / Cbd oil is remedy for joint infammation.

These joint symptoms can get worse as time goes by. 

They could worsen to moderate or even severe conditions.

Once it progresses to a severe symptom, a chronic condition could develope.

Treatments For The Joint Symptoms

There are various treatments for joint symptoms.

These would include medications, physical therapies, and also surgeries.

All of these treatments will be evaluated by a medical doctor of course.

All of these treatments will allow  relief for arthritis, but cbd oil is also a remedy for this joint inflammation. 

Their are medications to help with the treatment of the arthritis.

I have not said it, but arthritis has no cure.

In fact, the professionals don’t know what causes arthritis.

That’s why, not only treatment, but the proper treatment be determined.

These treatments may start out with a mild condition.

But as time passes by, the condition could worsen.

As the condition progresses, the treatment for it changas.

This is what happened to me.

I originally started with over the counter ibuprofen.

After some time had passed, a few years, my condition worsened.

I started to up my intake, and it helped.

Now I will tell you NO, I did not abuse it.

But I will say every six hours I was taking more pills.

Stronger medications may be needed to give relief for arthritis pain.

Cbd oil is a remedy for the joint inflammation associated with it.

Let’s get back to the prescribed treatments for arthritis.

1) Exercise – Regular exercise would include strengthening your muscles.

The stronger muscles will help to support your joints.

This helps to relieve joint inflammation.

A daily routine of exercise is required, 

If you stop then your arthritis condition will worsen.

2) Ibuprofen – This over the counter product provides for pain relief and joint stiffness.

3) Hot and cold compresses – These applications can be used to alleviate swelling at the inflamed area.

Also, it can alleviate pain and reduce stiffness.

There are various other medications available through prescriptions.

I’m not getting into that because it involves a medical evaluation in order to get those drugs.

These treatments, including the medications will provide relief for arthritis pain.

Also,  including cbd oil, can be another remedy for joint inflammation.


I addressed what arthritis is in this article. 

It is important to understand that there is no cure for arthritis.

I talked about one type of arthritis which is Osteoarthritis.

There are far to many different types of arthritis.

It would take many, many different blogs to cover them.

My goal was to pick the most common type.(Osteoarthritis).

Osteoarthritis is typically a progressive disease.

It gets worse as time marches on.

It was also important to point out what arthritis is.

Arthritis is joint inflammation and we need to learn to handle it.

I have Osteoarthritis, and it has gotten worse as I age.

Many of my friends and family have become afflicted with this disease.

Some of them use treatment for relief.

Others use some form of drugs, including prescriptions if needed.

I am starting to see more go to another alternative to seek relief for arthritis pain. 

It is called cbd oil and it is a remedy for joint iflammation.


The Best CBD Oil For Pets / How To Aleviate Their Pain – Senior Marijuana Affiliate

Let’s start right off and make a statement ” Our pets are part of the family”.

The cbd oil is equally a treatment for them just like it is for us.

A correct dose can aleviate their pain for your pets. I am referring to cats and dogs.

When I refer to a correct dose, I am talking about their weight. A weight chart will determine the correct dose.

So let’s back up a little.

There are many ailments a pet can have. Just like us, they need to have a medical evaluation.

This would include a trip to the Veterinary hospital. The Veterinarian will do a diagnosis.

At this point it will determined what medications will be prescribed to help with whatever the ailment is.

Maybe cbd oil can play a part in being beneficial, maybe not.

I think a discussion with your vet might help with some decisions.

Unfortunately your four legged friend can’t tell you want is going on with them.

You will be able to see the external physical disabilities that exist, but you don’t the severity of the pain so that you can aleviate it.

There are companies that make cbd oil for pets, and you want a reputable one, so that your pet is getting the best cbd oil for the ailments.

I’m not sure how many veterinarians are on board with the cbd industry, you will need to ask. 

My personal experience when I brought the subject was a referral to a holistic vetenarian.

That message came from the front desk, not the vet himself.

So let’s talk about cbd 

CBD ( Cannabinoids )

The human body is part of the vertabre family. We have an endocannabinoid system that is adaptable to cannabinoids.

The industrial hemp plant is processed into an oil. These cannabinoids are very beneficial to our bodies.

They attach to receptors that go to the brain and then become involved in blocking pain and also reduce inflammation.

Please note that studies are ongoing and further research is needed. 

Also, cbd oil is legal in many states, but please check your area for the legality of it.

In addition, the FDA has not approved of this product including the federal law.


As I mentioned before, CBS oil is derived from the industrial hemp plant. I have a website in this post that promotes cbd oil for pets.

I will receive a commission if you purchase any products. 

This product is a whole spectrum oil. The whole plant is processed including the hemp seeds.

This particular cbd oil is full of nutrients and vitamins including all the cannabinoids that are a great benefit for your pet.

You will discover that many holistic veterinarians endorse this product.

All you need to do is administer the correct dosage in your pets food and that is all that is required.

Pain Management

I want to give a personal endorsement for the pain management that this oil has given me.

No, I am not taking cbd oil for pets.

But I am taking CBD Pure. It is the same company. They have cbd oil for humans and cbd oil for pets.

I do not have any pets to give you a story about involving cbd oil.

But you need to know that the cbd oil for pets comes from the same industrial plant and aleviates the pain the same way.

In fact, it also beneficial in that it reduces anxiety and stress.

This all works great for me,  and I wouldn’t hesitate to administer to a pet.

I consider it to be the best cbd oil for pets including horses.

CBD Hemp Oil Sale / A Product Review For 2019 – Senior Marijuana Affiliate

Many folks are very interested in cbd oil. So I thought that this article would be of particular interest for them.

There are many cbd oil products out there, and a person needs to be educated on this subject.

This article is going to show you cbd products that are for sale.

Included will be a review so that you will understand not only the benefits of this cbd oil product, but the price performance of it.

Which leads to the next question, ” what the heck does he mean when he says price performance”?

Well, what I’m trying to say is, it’s the mileage that you get from a bottle of cbd oil compared to the price you pay for it.

It would be comparable to how many miles to a gallon of gas you get from different vehicles.

I suppose you could call it a price comparision to consumption rate.

Hopefully this all makes sense.

I personally couldn’t make any sense of it until I broke it down this way.

I will also make references to particular cbd oil products that I have used.

These cbd oil products were for sale on a shelf in a store and I purchased them.

I am going to give you the price of those products and how long it took to consume them.

It is important that you know this with regards to how to read the label and what it is telling you.

Many reviews out there won’t give you a comparison like this one.

My experience here is a real one and this review will educate you on everything you need to know

This would include looking at the price of that bottle of cbd oil that is for sale, whether it is on a shelf or online.

The simple math is to look at the dropper size in millileters (ml).

Then look at the volume size of the bottle. The manufacturer will usually tell you how many drops to take daily.

For example: the dropper size is 1.5 ml.

The manufacturer will suggest 2 droppers a day.

That is equal to 3 ml a day. Now look at the volume of the bottle. It says 30ml.

Divide your bottle size (30 ml) by your daily dosage(3ml). 30÷3=10.

Your consumption rate is 10 days.

The manufacturer may tell you to adjust this intake accordingly.

In other words, you may need a little more or a little less.

Having said that, this review is limited strictly to the cbd oil in a bottle with a dropper.

Some people will refer to this as a tincture, others won’t know what that means.

I didn’t know what a tincture meant at first either. So please understand that I will mention all products available.

But I am only giving out specifications with regards to bottle size, dropper size, and the length of time it takes to consume the product.

Again, I realize that the consumption may vary depending on the severity of your pain.

But once you achieve your comfort level, your evaluation will become a standard.

I am also currently using one of the products in this review.

If you purchase this product I will make a commission from it.

I am not writing this review to influence you to purchase the product. But I will give you a link to check it out.

I am simply doing a comparison of cbd oil products that I have used at different times during the last several months.

But when I first started out I didn’t know a thing.

I mean I basically read a little something about cbd oil. I then marched down to the store and bought some cbd oil.

Yeah, there were different variations of it that were for sale.

What I’m saying is there was different numbers on the label and different prices to go with it.

The higher the number of mgs or milligrams, the higher the price of the cbd oil.

And then comes the whole thing of dosing.

The whole thing about dosing becomes important.

You can overdose and waste this product. In other words, throw money away.

The recommendation is to start low for several days and let the cbd oil get into your system.

If your pain goes away your fine. If not then you will need to step up your strength.

What’s important here, is to increase your dose a little at a time so that you find that spot where your pain goes away.

You don’t want to overdose and waste your money.

I tell you my experience with that later on.

The cbd products that I used comes with validation.

What I mean by validation is that I used all these products daily for total consumption of the bottle before moving on to the next product.

It was during this time that I experimented with the consumption in an attempt to find my spot.

If my pain went away, I would take a little less of that dropper.

It was my way of trying to fine tune my consumption.

That is why I am doing this product review.

I think that it is important to be able to correlate the price that you pay for that product that is for sale with the length of time it takes to consume it.

This what I didn’t understand in the beginning.

I was totally satisfied with all the products that I used.

Also took care of the anxiety that I have and I get a good night’s sleep as well.

I cover all the benefits of cbd oil in another post along with an awareness of the hazards that buyers need to know.

I will refer to the label information with regards to some hazards you need to watch out for.

This includes that you know what a cbd company is about, before you purchase their product.

That’s right, you need to do your homework. There are questions that come up.

For instance:

1) what kind of soil is this industrial hemp plant grown in?

answer: It needs to be clean and have no contaminates in it.

You will have to go to a cbd oil website to find that one.

If you can’t find a website, do not purchase the product. Verbal words from a counter sales person will not due.

2) how do you determine the value of the cbd oil that is for sale?

Answer: you need to compare apples to apples.

The measure of strengths have to be equal for a comparison. Then make sure the volume is the same.

The pricing may vary and it will be up to you to make the call if the cbd oil companies are reputable.

Not trying to blow you off, but I honestly don’t know the difference in pricing if everything else lines up.

These two questions being answered will help you along with your decision when you are making buying decisions.

Below I will list the cbd oil products I used.

Two of the products were for sale in 2 different stores, and 1 was online.

*Plantinum CBD Tincture*

Price: $29.99

Bottle Volume: 30 ml (millileters)

Dropper Size: 16.6 ml ( I don’t believe the volume dropper size here, maybe it should read 1.66 ml)

Strength: 500 mg

Consumption time: About 13 days ( started with a drop a day for several days and then increased to 2 drops a day)

Description: It is offered in different flavors. This company also has a website. They go into a full history and description of the cannabis industry. They carry a full line of edibles, cremes, isolates, tinctures, and cbd treats for the pets. They state that their hemp plants are USA grown. The don’t offer anymore details than that. They state that their product is researched but not independantly.

My Take: I have not personally dug any deeper into this product to find out how or where the plants are grown. I did notice they didn’t acknowledge an independent study. I have taken note that all reputable companies acknowledge and are proud of indepedant studies. This cbd oil was what I started with initially. It worked but was not strong enough for my ailments. Because of the lack of detail concerning soil conditions ( not sure of contaminated soil). Please note that the industrial hemp plant will absorb all contaminants in any soil it is grown in. Buyer beware of this dangerous condition.

*VIDA CBD Tincture*

Price: $49.99

Bottle Volume: 30 ml (millileters)

Dropper Size: 1.5 ml

Strength: 500 mg

Consumption time: 10 days ( 2 drops a day)

Description: The product is a 30 ml bottle. It came available in different flavors. Also, it states on the label that it can be used as a topical and applied on the skin. It can be used internally with a droplet under the tongue. The recommended dosage included one full droplet in the morning and one full droplet at bedtime. But it does state adjust accordingly.

*Plantinum CBD Tincture*

Price: $49.99

Bottle Volume: 30 ml

Dropper size: 50mg ( equal to 1.25 ml )

Strength: 1500 mg

Consumption time: 24 days

Description: It is the same company as mentioned above.

My Take: I increased the strength to 1500 to take care of my arthritis pain which worked fine.

*CBD Pure*

Price ( including shipping) : $65.00

Bottle Volume: 60ml

Strength: 300 ( the number on the bottle) Not sure of the strength.

Dropper Size: 2 ml

Recommended dosage: 1/2 dropper ( 1 ml ) twice a day = 2 ml

Consumption time: 30 days doing the math. ( Still using this product and haven’t finished).

90 Day Money Back Guarantee – No questions asked. It doesn’t matter if product has been fully consumed or not.

This is the only company to offer this length of a guarantee.

Description: This company offers a website. This is a whole spectrum oil which means they process the whole plant. Their product is restricted to only  CBD oil and they offer a soft gel. They are upfront about their plants ( where they are grown, and also the use of uncontaminated soil). They reveal the use of 3rd party independent study and will release this information to anyone upon request.

My Take: I was doing a little shopping one day and came across this product. Upon doing a comparison, it appears I will gain some additional mileage with the consumption time. A little more bang for the buck. This product works equal to the1500 mg strength I had with the Plantinum CBD Tincture listed above. My pain level with the 1500 strength Platinum required 2 dropped a day. My 1/2 dropper twice a day of CBD Pure is equal to that.

CBD Oil And Arthritis Pain / How To Alleviate The Pain – Senior Marijuana Affiliate

CBD oil and arthritis pain / how to aleviate the pain.

I have been talking about arthritis and how the use of cbd oil helps to reduce the pain of it.

This article will show studies.

The studies were conducted on a type of arthritis.

In fact, a series of these studies were conducted.

Scientists concluded that topical creames were beneficial for OA (osteoarthritis).

They also determined cbd (cannabinoids) were beneficial with inflammation.

I will also describe how cbd oil interacts naturally with our body to counteract the pain.

I will also reveal the studies that have been conducted.

This will show to date the progress that has been made by scientists.

The FDA has not put their stamp of approval on this product to date.

But I am walking proof.

Despite the FDA policy, cbd oil helps to aleviate my arthritis pain.

Also, scientist have not concluded that this product is totally safe for use.

I need to make these statements.

It is the truth and I don’t intend to mislead anybody.

Millions of Americans suffer from some form of arthritis.

In fact, arthritis affects over 50 million americans, and 300,000 children.

These stats are staggering.

These numbers will only increase as time goes by.

There are many different forms of arthritis that attacks are bodies.

I believe the number is around 200. 

This disease attacks our many joints in our body.

It will raise havoc by showing symptoms of joint swelling.

This includes inflammation, stiffness, and reduced mobility.

These are just a few conditions that we can associate with arthritis.

This disease is the #1 disability in America.

Let’s talk a little more about the symptoms that I just mentioned.


Inflamation exists in our body so that we can start a normal healing process.

CBD oil helps me deal with the pain.

It blocks or aleviates the pain I have in my back and hips.

It is a good thing in that it sends a signal that we have a situation that exists.

The end result is our body is going to deal with it.

This is called our immune system.

It will asses any damage to our tissue, or if wounds exist.

It is a call for our immune system to go to work to heal it.

This becomes an immediate response albeit a slow one.

It is at this point that we either heal or we can develope a chronic condition.

If a chronic condition exists we don’t heal.

It is the CBD oil that aleviates the arthritis pain whether its chronic arthritis pain or not.

I want to state that inflamation is a normal process in the healing cycle.

In other words, let’s say you have developed an inflamation in a finger knuckle.

Yes it hurts because your inflamed and your immune system is trying to heal it.

The swelling of the knuckle is normal.

It is an attempt to protect that area while it is healing.

Your immune system continues to try to heal until finally it can’t.

Your inflamation continues and eventually becomes a chronic condition.

It is at this point it becomes a disease called arthritis.

It is at this point that CBD oil and arthritis pain go hand in hand.

The CBD oil will help to aleviate the pain on a daily basis.

Their are many different conditions involving how inflamation interacts with our body.

I am a very simple layman here.

I am using the above example to very simply point out a chronic condition.

My explanation going forward is only to show how cbd oil interacts with arthritis.

Thank you because I am NOT a doctor.

Please take your conditions involving arthritis to your doctor for a full evaluation.

If you are taking any medications, please tell your doctor.

Allow him to evaluate whether you should use cbd oil or not.

OK, now that we got that out of the way let’s continue.

Your doctor needs to know your medical prescriptions.

They want to make sure the scripts don’t interfere with the cbd oil.

It may prevent your pain from being alevated.

CBD Oil And Pain Relief

This is the part that I like best.

I can tell a real testimonial that suddenly happened to me.

Because I personally use cbd oil for my arthritis pain, I know that it works.

A couple weeks ago I had not used cbd oil for four days.

My condition became very concerning to me.

I have been using cbd oil for 8 months and my pain has been very minimal.

My flexibility was great with no stiffness.

After four days of not using CBD my pain was intense.

My flexibility and stiffness had me hobbling at a slow pace.

The reason I hadn’t taken the cbd oil was because of a health condition that developed.

I didn’t take the cbd oil so that I didn’t disguise any pain.

That needed to happen so that I could be properly evaluated.

I take cbd oil for arthritis pain.

It could aleviate other pain that the doctors were trying to diagnose.

I needed to make this statement with regards to pain management.

I needed to inform you that this product works for me.

I had gone to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled for my ailments.

I then had to walk across the grocery store.

Boy, was that a chore! I felt very disabled.

My lower back and hips hurt.

There was a lot of stiffness that generated from my hips.

I couldn’t extend my legs like I use to do.

I was reduced to much smaller steps.

It hurt to bend at the hips. My flexability was gone.

I now knew that I would be on cbd oil for my arthritis pain for the rest of my life.

It was going to be the only thing that was going to aleviate my pain.

This was a terrifying moment for me.

I then took a full drop under the tongue.

Then one hour later I was back to very reduced arthritis pain.

I mean, I had to realize that this is the real me.

It became a very sobering moment in time for me.

The oil also restored my flexibility with no stiffness.

How CBD Oil Interacts With Our Body

Cbd oil when it enters are bodies will attach itself to receptors.

These receptors exists in our brain and immune system.

These receptors in our body also exist in our immune system.

These receptors are called CB2 receptors.

These CB2 receptors exist in our body’s naturally.

The cbd oil that we introduce into our bodies will interact with these CB2 receptors naturally.

CBD oil is a cannabidiol.

The cannabis plant called industrial hemp works with our body in a natural way.

Cbd oil interacts with our bodies in a natural way.

It blocks the arthritis pain.

It aleviates the pain by eliminating inflamation.

They play a role in managing our chronic pain and inflamation.

This is what the scientist are trying to find out with their studies.

Basically, what is occurring here is that the oil attaches to the CB2 receptors.

The receptors receive signals from the brain.

The receptors work with the immune system.

The receptors travel to where the trouble exists.

The cbd oil has attached itself to these receptors in a very natural way.

These receptors go to where the inflammation is.

They help by blocking the artritis pain.

They also eliminate the stiffness associated with inflamation.

Studies have suggested that cbd oil is beneficial for arthritis pain.

Lab results have concluded that cbd was helpful with inflammation.

This helped to aleviate pain.

CBD Oil Studies

2011 Study

This study showed the results in rats.

CB2 receptors were introduced for inflammation.

Data was recorded as to how the rats reacted to the stimuli.

It concluded that cbd was helpful with the inflammation.. 

2014 Study

Testing was conducted only on animal bodies.

From these test scientists concluded that cbd may be beneficial with OA.(Osteoarthritis )

2016 Study

It was discovered that cbd topical creams were helpful.

Topical application were applied to inflamation and arthritis pain.

2017 Study

Studies were conducted on cbd.

These studies concluded that cbd could be used safely and usefully for addressing OA.(Osteoarthritis).


Finally I was able to break through and write this topic.

I intentionally chose my words carefully.

Especially with regards to chronic pain and inflammation.

This subject can easily get deep into the whole scientific community.

My attempt was not to wrap the subject content to deep into that.

 My goal was to touch on the outskirts of it.

Also, I hope that I didn’t lose you.

Thanks for listening and please leave a comment below.

Cbd oil and arthritis pain / How to aleviate pain.