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I have had chronic pain in my back most of my life. The last few weeks I started using cbd oil for my arthritis in my back.

As I have aged (I am in my early 60’s), stiffness became a serious issue. Just recently I am starting to feel pain in my hand as well as my knee.

Call it age, call it whatever. This pain is here and it is real.

Before cbd oil I was taking a pain reliever. Now I will tell you that it worked for pain, but not completely for the stiffness. My concern was aiways the side effects. Below is a video explaining the benefits of cbd oil.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

The fact that this product works with my body naturally has my interest. Unlike the drugs that we all take, cbd oil has no side effects. Some people will not believe that this works, but it does. I am walking proof of that. Just recently I started mowing on a golf course.

I am on a big tractor with 15 feet of gang mowers behind me. While I am constantly twisting around to watch my mower decks, my back is enduring the full activity of it. For sure, the cbd oil has been of great assistance in taking care of pain and inflamation.

How does CBD Oil work

I show these videos so that you folks can understand just how this product works with your body.

It is important to know what you are putting in there. I want to put a disclaimer in here from the FDA. Though the individual state governments are legalizing, the federal government has not.

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The research started a few decades ago. I am very impressed with their discoveries and the results that I feel from the product.

I like this product because it is not a foreign object that our body is trying to digest.

I know that sounds strange, but just watch the TV ads for the drugs and check out all the side effects.

That is not normal ingestion, sounds like a body rejection. But I also realize that a lot of these drugs are necessary.

But we do have a serious opioid epidemic in this country and the  CBD oil industry might be the answer.

I also read that cbd oil is very beneficial for alcohol addiction. They must be talking about the withdrawal part.

Below is another video that gets a little deep in explaining what is going on inside us. Please bear with it as I think it will help you further with your thoughts about it all.

All I can say is that my flexibility is good. Even the pain reliever is not able to give me that.

I still experience some pain, but I am still experimenting. I am currently taking 30 milligrams daily. I plan to up the dosage soon. The recommendation was to start low and increase as you go.

My latest update is that the dosage has been increased to about 70mg to 80 mg total for the day.

I induce with the drops under the tongue, once in the morning and at night. Include an extra drop just before I shoot my pool league and that is all I need!

Again, I am not a doctor and can’t prescribe a dose for you. Different folks have different pain and depths of pain.

I didn’t talk to my doctor about what I did. I feel the situation didn’t merit it. I guess what I mean is I am not on any prescribed medicine and the pain relievers I took were over the counter.

As I explained earlier, my flexibility is great in my lower back. It reminds me of how it felt when I was much younger.

I do feel a little pain, but not bad. Maybe more cbd oil will take care of it. Overall, I realize that I’m not thirty years old anymore, but I do feel great.

I discovered something totally by accident. The cbd oil has a calming effect on me.When I first starting taking this oil, I had read only about the chronic pain and skipped the part about anxiety.

I immediately felt more relaxed and also started getting a good night sleep as I am a light sleeper.

It’s the kind of sleep where you close your eyes and suddenly you wake up and it’s morning. A good night sleep without interruption.

The anxiety that I have also went away. I can’t explain how severe it is because I never had it evaluated.

It started to become noticeable in the last few years. Not a serious problem, but it was there.

If not for the cbd oil, I would have brought it up to my doctor in my last checkup for some pill to calm me down.

I am calmer now and feel in control of all situations without feeling anxious. Maybe it comes with age, anyway, I don’t have that issue anymore.

The other part of that is anxiety occured when I would shoot my pool league. Was it the pressure of the competition? Could be.

All I know is I take the oil a couple of hours before I shoot and I am much more relaxed.

Because I am more relaxed, I am more focused on my shot, and execution is more accurate. I don’t have a case of bad nerves.

So, for me, the chronic pain in my back and hips, the anxiety and being a light sleeper, all these issues have been resolved.

The cbd oil has been a great benefit for me. A few friends have told me how it has benefited them. My own wife has used the oil and it has benefited her.

However, I have to remind you that this only an added benefit for me. I am in no way a medical professional.

I would only advise anybody to seek professional advise for any condition that they have or want evaluated before taking this product.

I take no prescriptions and am not under a doctor’s scheduled care for ailments.

The Strengths of CBD Oil

The strengths of cbd oil are important to know. First things first, no you can’t overdose on cbd oil.

You can overuse the product, which results in a waste of money. The recommendation is to start low and then increase.

It is a bit like experimenting. You increase your intake until your condition is taken care of.

At first you might not feel anything or maybe very little. But keep taking it and usually after a few days you should start to feel some improvement.

But please understand that this all depends on the severity of your condition.

I started with the lowest dose and started with capsules. One capsule in the morning and one capsule at night.

The capsules were a personal preference for me. But after the bottle was empty I decided to switch to the oil. The price was a little cheaper.

There are a bunch of different cbd oil companies out there and things can get confusing as to what the labels are telling you.

What is very important is the reputation of the companies.

Many questions come to mind as you look at the label. Some labels will tell you how much your dosing per dropper. This is obviously helpful in determining your daily intake.

In bigger print, you will see a number. It will read 300, 500, 1000, or 1500 mg or something . I don’t want to sound vague, but this is the strength of the oil. Again, this important so that you understand how to evaluate your dosages.

To further update my current dosages, I am at 1500mg for strength, taking one dropper in the morning which is 50 mg and the same dropper fill before bed.

It took awhile to find my dosage that worked for me, which included not only eliminating stiffness and reducing pain, but also discovering the anxiety thing, purely by accident, and good sleep.

Accessories and Products

There are some great products available.


It is my hope that this article had enough information for you. I know the videos may have got a little too medical for you.

But I feel that if your going to really investigate this product it helps to know that professionals are involved in evaluating the product. I hope this site has been helpful.

Please comment on my site below. I am very interested in how this site has been beneficial to you. I will respond to any feedback that you give me.