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Many folks are very interested in hemp oil.

They are also interested in cbd oil.

But what is what?!

Maybe you already know.

This article will point out the difference.

The 2 oils called cbd and hemp are different.

It is the extraction process that makes them different.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is also known as full spectrum hemp oil.

The whole plant is extracted.

Everything is used, nothing is wasted.

Full spectrum hemp oil is a nutrient supplement.

It is called that for a very good reason.

Inside this plant are many things that our body needs:

1) vitamins

2) minerals


4) fatty acids

5) cannabinoids

It’s a pretty interesting list.

There are no additives.


Cbd ( cannabidiol )

Cbd is also processed from the industrial hemp plant.

The extraction is reduced to only include the chemical, cannabidiol.

Hence the name cbd.

It is extracted to a powder.

This powder is introduced to make other cbd products.

One of those products are tinctures.

Also known as cbd oil.

This product is called a cbd isolate.

You may already know what that means.

I didn’t.

I purchased the product anyway.

Hey, what the heck, it took care of my pain.

And I went down the road happy as a lark.

But one day I went to purchase my cbd oil and they didn’t have it.

They didn’t have my strength.

So I purchased a lesser strength.

My thinking here is something is better than nothing.

Well It got me to start looking online.

Well,  I discovered the world of cbd products.

I also discovered hemp oil.

I have already described the difference.

I can go much deeper but won’t.

The scope of this article is about comparision pricing.

So I thought that this article would be of particular interest for you.

There are many hemp oil products out there.

A person needs to be educated on this subject.

There are also many cbd products.

And a person needs to be educated on that subject.

This article is going to show you a hemp product that is for sale.

I use this product.

I can personally vouch that it works.

I will also make a commission if you purchase.

I thought that I would come right out and tell you.

This article will show  cbd oil products that I used.

And these products will be listed.

I see many product reviews.

Several products listed all in a row.

I mean to ask you, ” How do you know which one to buy?

They’re all reputable, and I get that.

Who comes up with the rating system?

I mean, “come on”, “really”, 4.8 out of 5 says one review.

And the very next one says 4.7 out of 5.

At this point your picking at straws.

I suppose you just pick one and go with it.

After all, you need a reputable product.

That part is important.

Included will be a review.

You will understand the benefits of this cbd oil product.

It will include a price performance of it.

Which leads to the next question.

” What the heck does he mean when he says price performance”?

I’m talking the mileage that you get.

There is a consumption of cbd oil.

And the price you pay for it.

Also, there is a consumption of hemp oil.

And the price you pay for it.

What is different?

I will point it out.


Hopefully this all makes sense.

I personally couldn’t make any sense of it until I broke it down this way.

I will also make references to particular cbd oil products that I have used.

These cbd oil products were for sale on a shelf in a store and I purchased them.

I am going to give you the price of those products and how long it took to consume them.

It is important that you know this with regards to how to read the label and what it is telling you.

Many reviews out there won’t give you a comparison like this one.

My experience here is a real one and this review will educate you on everything you need to know

This would include looking at the price of that bottle of cbd oil that is for sale, whether it is on a shelf or online.

The simple math is to look at the dropper size in millileters (ml).

Then look at the volume size of the bottle. The manufacturer will usually tell you how many drops to take daily.

For example: the dropper size is 1.5 ml.

The manufacturer will suggest 2 droppers a day.

That is equal to 3 ml a day. Now look at the volume of the bottle. It says 30ml.

Divide your bottle size (30 ml) by your daily dosage(3ml). 30÷3=10.

Your consumption rate is 10 days.

The manufacturer may tell you to adjust this intake accordingly.

In other words, you may need a little more or a little less.

Having said that, this review is limited strictly to the cbd oil in a bottle with a dropper.

Some people will refer to this as a tincture, others won’t know what that means.

I didn’t know what a tincture meant at first either.

A tincture is a glass bottle with a dropper.

I am listing specifications.

This will include :

1) bottle size

2)  dropper size

3) the length of time it takes to consume the product.

4) Included will be the division by dividing the daily dose into bottle size.

Again, I realize that the consumption may vary.

This depends on the severity of your pain.

But once you achieve your comfort level, your evaluation will become a standard.

I am also currently using one of the products in this review.

It is the hemp oil.

I am not writing this review to influence you.

Cbd oil and hemp oil are different.

But they carry similarities.

A priority for me was the arthritis pain and associated stiffness.

Both the cbd and hemp oil took care of it.

For others it may be the .03 % thc.

The thc is the part that gets you high.

This is a very low % and is legal.

However, it does exist and drug screening may pick it up.

I don’t know the full answer to that.

Some people want 0% thc.

That’s where cbd isolate comes in.

The extraction process only includes cbd.

Thc and everything else is eliminated.

I am simply doing a comparison of cbd oil products that I have used at different times during the last several months.

But when I first started out I didn’t know a thing.

I mean I basically read a little something about cbd oil. I then marched down to the store and bought some cbd oil.

Yeah, there were different variations of it that were for sale.

What I’m saying is there was different numbers on the label and different prices to go with it.

The higher the number of mgs or milligrams, the higher the price of the cbd oil.

And then comes the whole thing of dosing.

The whole thing about dosing becomes important.

You can overdose and waste this product. In other words, throw money away.

By the way, if you overdose, you will not put yourself in harm’s way.

It is completely harmless if you over use this product.

You will only waste money.

This is why its important to use this product correctly.

The recommendation is to start low.

Use low doses for several days.

Let the hemp oil get into your system.

If your pain goes away your fine.

If not then you will need to step up your dose or strength.

What’s important here is to increase your dose a little at a time.

You will find that spot where your pain goes away.

That is making efficient use of this product.

I tell you my experience with that later on.

The cbd products that I used comes with validation.

What I mean by validation is that I used all these products daily for total consumption of the bottle before moving on to the next product.

It was during this time that I experimented with the consumption in an attempt to find my spot.

If my pain went away, I would take a little less of that dropper.

It was my way of trying to fine tune my consumption.

That is why I am doing this product review.

I think that it is important to be able to correlate the price that you pay for that product that is for sale with the length of time it takes to consume it.

This what I didn’t understand in the beginning.

I was totally satisfied with all the products that I used.

Also took care of the anxiety that I have and I get a good night’s sleep as well.

I cover all the benefits of cbd oil in another post along with an awareness of the hazards that buyers need to know.

I will refer to the label information with regards to some hazards you need to watch out for.

This includes that you know what a cbd company is about, before you purchase their product.

That’s right, you need to do your homework. There are questions that come up.

For instance:

1) what kind of soil is this industrial hemp plant grown in?

answer: It needs to be clean and have no contaminates in it.

You will have to go to a cbd oil website to find that one.

If you can’t find a website, do not purchase the product. Verbal words from a counter sales person will not due.

2) how do you determine the value of the cbd oil that is for sale?

Answer: you need to compare apples to apples.

The measure of strengths have to be equal for a comparison. Then make sure the volume is the same.

The pricing may vary and it will be up to you to make the call if the cbd oil companies are reputable.

Not trying to blow you off, but I honestly don’t know the difference in pricing if everything else lines up.

These two questions being answered will help you along with your decision when you are making buying decisions.

Below I will list the cbd oil products I used.

Two of the products were for sale in 2 different stores, and 1 was online.

*Plantinum CBD Tincture*

Price: $29.99

Bottle Volume: 30 ml (millileters)

Dropper Size: 16.6 ml ( I don’t believe the volume dropper size here, maybe it should read 1.66 ml)

Strength: 500 mg

Consumption time: About 13 days ( started with a drop a day for several days and then increased to 2 drops a day)

Description: It is offered in different flavors. This company also has a website. They go into a full history and description of the cannabis industry. They carry a full line of edibles, cremes, isolates, tinctures, and cbd treats for the pets. They state that their hemp plants are USA grown. The don’t offer anymore details than that. They state that their product is researched but not independantly.

My Take: I have not personally dug any deeper into this product to find out how or where the plants are grown. I did notice they didn’t acknowledge an independent study. I have taken note that all reputable companies acknowledge and are proud of indepedant studies. This cbd oil was what I started with initially. It worked but was not strong enough for my ailments. Because of the lack of detail concerning soil conditions ( not sure of contaminated soil). Please note that the industrial hemp plant will absorb all contaminants in any soil it is grown in. Buyer beware of this dangerous condition.

*VIDA CBD Tincture*

Price: $49.99

Bottle Volume: 30 ml (millileters)

Dropper Size: 1.5 ml

Strength: 500 mg

Consumption time: 10 days ( 2 drops a day)

Description: The product is a 30 ml bottle. It came available in different flavors. Also, it states on the label that it can be used as a topical and applied on the skin. It can be used internally with a droplet under the tongue. The recommended dosage included one full droplet in the morning and one full droplet at bedtime. But it does state adjust accordingly.

*Plantinum CBD Tincture*

Price: $49.99

Bottle Volume: 30 ml

Dropper size: 50mg ( equal to 1.25 ml )

Strength: 1500 mg

Consumption time: 24 days

Description: It is the same company as mentioned above.

My Take: I increased the strength to 1500 to take care of my arthritis pain which worked fine.

*CBD Pure*

Price ( including shipping) : $65.00

Bottle Volume: 60ml

Strength: 300 ( the number on the bottle) Not sure of the strength.

Dropper Size: 2 ml

Recommended dosage: 1/2 dropper ( 1 ml ) twice a day = 2 ml

Consumption time: 30 days doing the math. ( Still using this product and haven’t finished).

90 Day Money Back Guarantee – No questions asked. It doesn’t matter if product has been fully consumed or not.

This is the only company to offer this length of a guarantee.

Description: This company offers a website. This is a whole spectrum oil which means they process the whole plant. Their product is restricted to only  CBD oil and they offer a soft gel. They are upfront about their plants ( where they are grown, and also the use of uncontaminated soil). They reveal the use of 3rd party independent study and will release this information to anyone upon request.

My Take: I was doing a little shopping one day and came across this product. Upon doing a comparison, it appears I will gain some additional mileage with the consumption time. A little more bang for the buck. This product works equal to the1500 mg strength I had with the Plantinum CBD Tincture listed above. My pain level with the 1500 strength Platinum required 2 dropped a day. My 1/2 dropper twice a day of CBD Pure is equal to that.

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