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Get Relief For Arthritis Pain / CBD Oil Is Your Remedy For Joint Inflammation.

What Is Arthritis?

Let’s talk about arthritis straight away.

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints.

In broader terms,  there are over 100 different types of arthritis.

These different types are also known as diseases.

Certain types of arthritis disease is what effects all our joints in our bodies.

This would include hip joints, shoulder joints, back, knees, toes, knuckles. 

This includes any place where two bones come together. The connective tissues wear down at the ends of the bone.

The connective tissue is called cartilidge.and is a slick tissue.

When this slick tissue breaks down the bones start to wear against each other.

This is called arthritis which is joint inflammation.

You can get relief for this arthritis by using cbd oil as a remedy for the joint inflammation.

Joint Inflammation ( Osteoarthritis )

At this point I want to talk a little more about the different types of arthritis.

Just know that there are many, many different types of arthritis.

The only type I’m talking about here is Osteoarthritis and the association that it has to joint inflammation.

Any condition that you have must be evaluated by a doctor.

You need to know what type of arthritis you have so that proper treatment can be applied.

I am not a doctor and am not telling you to use cbd oil.

I am telling you that I had x-rays taken and I have Osteoarthritis in my hips and lower back.

The symptoms of my condition included pain and stiffness of my lower back and hips.

Let your doctor know that you are seeking relief for your arthritis pain. 

Include that you heard cbd oil can be a remedy for joint inflammation.

Once my condition was professionally evaluated I then knew how to handle my condition.

Please listen to what I’m saying here. You want to let your doctor know that you plan on taking cbd oil and is it OK to do so.

Let’s face it, our body has a lot of joints.

You can have one or more joints affected. 

The symptoms of this condition result in swelling of the joint, tenderness or soreness, and also pain.

To have the arthritis disease effect these joints can be a major issue.

But there are varying levels of joint symptoms.

This would include mild, moderate and severe.

If you have mild symptoms, they can be managed with minor remedies to relief the pain.

The types of remedies could include:

1) Controlling your physical activity

2) Maintaining proper weight ( lessen the body weight on joints).

3) Application of hot or cold compressions to the affected areas.

4) Prevent doing any repetitive work that would affect those joints.

5) Using devices that can assist you. ( canes etc.)

6) Medications to help alleviate the pain.

Get relief for arthritis pain / Cbd oil is remedy for joint infammation.

These joint symptoms can get worse as time goes by. 

They could worsen to moderate or even severe conditions.

Once it progresses to a severe symptom, a chronic condition could develope.

Treatments For The Joint Symptoms

There are various treatments for joint symptoms.

These would include medications, physical therapies, and also surgeries.

All of these treatments will be evaluated by a medical doctor of course.

All of these treatments will allow  relief for arthritis, but cbd oil is also a remedy for this joint inflammation. 

Their are medications to help with the treatment of the arthritis.

I have not said it, but arthritis has no cure.

In fact, the professionals don’t know what causes arthritis.

That’s why, not only treatment, but the proper treatment be determined.

These treatments may start out with a mild condition.

But as time passes by, the condition could worsen.

As the condition progresses, the treatment for it changas.

This is what happened to me.

I originally started with over the counter ibuprofen.

After some time had passed, a few years, my condition worsened.

I started to up my intake, and it helped.

Now I will tell you NO, I did not abuse it.

But I will say every six hours I was taking more pills.

Stronger medications may be needed to give relief for arthritis pain.

Cbd oil is a remedy for the joint inflammation associated with it.

Let’s get back to the prescribed treatments for arthritis.

1) Exercise – Regular exercise would include strengthening your muscles.

The stronger muscles will help to support your joints.

This helps to relieve joint inflammation.

A daily routine of exercise is required, 

If you stop then your arthritis condition will worsen.

2) Ibuprofen – This over the counter product provides for pain relief and joint stiffness.

3) Hot and cold compresses – These applications can be used to alleviate swelling at the inflamed area.

Also, it can alleviate pain and reduce stiffness.

There are various other medications available through prescriptions.

I’m not getting into that because it involves a medical evaluation in order to get those drugs.

These treatments, including the medications will provide relief for arthritis pain.

Also,  including cbd oil, can be another remedy for joint inflammation.


I addressed what arthritis is in this article. 

It is important to understand that there is no cure for arthritis.

I talked about one type of arthritis which is Osteoarthritis.

There are far to many different types of arthritis.

It would take many, many different blogs to cover them.

My goal was to pick the most common type.(Osteoarthritis).

Osteoarthritis is typically a progressive disease.

It gets worse as time marches on.

It was also important to point out what arthritis is.

Arthritis is joint inflammation and we need to learn to handle it.

I have Osteoarthritis, and it has gotten worse as I age.

Many of my friends and family have become afflicted with this disease.

Some of them use treatment for relief.

Others use some form of drugs, including prescriptions if needed.

I am starting to see more go to another alternative to seek relief for arthritis pain. 

It is called cbd oil and it is a remedy for joint iflammation.


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