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Best Pain Relief For Osteoarthritis  / Hemp Oil Is The Answer


Many folks have arthritis.

Try and find relief, you will almost always find temporary remedies for the pain.

This post will give you information on this situation.

My attempt is to give you options for your ailment.

Also, this article will explain what arthritis is,  and why is there pain.

That nagging pain, who can take it, what are we to do?

Well, there are solutions.

There are no cures.

I have to state that I will make a commission if you make a purchase.

I will also say that I understand your pain.

This because I suffer from arthritis pain just like you do.

Best Pain Relief For Osteoarthritis / Because Hemp Oil Is The Answer.

What Is Arthritis Pain?

Arthritis  exists in 50 million adults.

Another 300,000 children are affected.

You can quickly see that we have a serious problem in this country.

I already stated that there is no cure.

That means we have to handle this disease with treatment.

There are many remedies.

I can’t vouch for all of them because I haven’t tried them.

But they all claim to provide relief for your pain.

I want to start by explaining how we got the pain.

One way to get the best pain relief for osteoarthritis is to understand that hemp oil is the answer.

Arthris is joint inflammation.

What happens is the cartilage starts to wear down at the ends of our bones.

Cartilage is a slick connective tissue.

This tissue allows for a cushion between our joints.

Medical science can’t provide a definitive answer as to why this tissue wears down.

There are some obvious answers.

Repetative motion is one of them.

Continuous motion over and over will wear down the tissue.

If you break a bone at the joint is another.

Scar tissue from the injury will most certainly play a part in creating pain.

Getting pain relief for that osteoarthritis becomes an issue.

Hemp oil is the answer.

As the cartilage continues to wear down, the bones start to wear on each other.

This is where the pain starts in.

It is important for you to know a few things at this point.

First off, I am not a doctor.

This means that I am,  by no means,  trying to evaluate anybody’s ailments.

Any pain that you are experiencing needs to evaluated by a medical doctor.

There are many types of arthritis disease that exists.

The particular type that I’m making reference to is Osteoarthritis.

I have been evaluated with this type and am using a particular treatment for it.

Get pain relief for this Osteoarthritis.

And hemp oil is the answer.

Inflammation will start to play a factor.

Symptoms of inflammation will include swelling, pain, stiffness.

I’m not going to get into any particular descriptions here.

I’m only making an association to what is going on.

You will need a further medical evaluation for your condition.

Pain Relief For Osteoarthritis

There are different levels of pain associated with arthritis.

Aspirin may take care of very mild pain.

Ibuprofen is another pain reliever and can be bought over the counter.

Other forms of drugs can include opioids as a pain reliever.

These are prescription drugs that require a doctor.

Opioids are additive and you need to be aware of this pitfall.

The reason I say this because arthritis has no cure.

Arthritis needs to be treated as a lifelong treatment.

Opioids and other narcotics, need to be seriously considered.

And I mean by saying that, is to look at other alternatives.

I personally ran into that situation.

I was using Ibuprofen and was going beyond the recommendation limits.

It became necessary for me to take something stronger.

I found pain relief for my osteoarthritis and hemp oil was the answer.

That’s right.

I discovered hemp oil when I overheard somebody talking about it.

I went home and got online and started researching it.

Thats when I discovered the many benefits of hemp oil.

The Side Effects Of Pain Relievers

Another very important aspect of taking pain relievers is the side effects.

For older people like me ( 62 years old), mention the word opioids and I say, ” what is that”?.

I grew up with the word narcotics.

Well, just type in ” narcotics “.

You will see the word ” opiods “.

I then discovered the two words mean the same.

I am mentioning opiods as a narcotic pain reliever.

I am not going into great detail here.

I have discovered that I could write an entire article on opiods and their associated issues.

That will probably happen, but not here.

I will mention the side effects by listing them only

This would include:

1) vomiting

2) nausea

3) sleep apnea

4) muscle contractions

5) drowsiness

6) constipation

There are many different types of opiods.

Opiod use can have very serious effects to your body.

Pay close attention to the doctors order when using them.

Hemp oil can also be included in the pain management cateogory.

You have very little side effects with hemp oil.

You may experience :

1) diareha

2) upset stomach

3) drowsiness

Hemp oil also offers different strengths.

You won’t find any doctor prescribing hemp oil.

The hemp oil is still undergoing studying.

There has been progress made.

But the federal government has not put there stamp of approval on it.

It is still considered, by law, to be illegal.

All 50 states have legalized hemp oil.

However, make sure you check your area.

There are some murky areas with regards to this product.

I will also include that the FDA has its disclaimer with regards to hemp.

It is entirely up to you how you feel about using this product.

But, if your still reading this article, then you are interested in hemp oil.

Pain relief for osteoarthritis. Hemp oil is the answer.

As I said before, I am a user of hemp oil

I have had no side effects.

The hemp oil is a natural nutrient supplement for our bodies.

It offers vitamins, fatty acids,  and minerals.

There are other natural benefits that this product offers us complement with our bodies in a natural way.

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