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Let’s start right off and make a statement ” Our pets are part of the family”.

The cbd oil is equally a treatment for them just like it is for us.

A correct dose can aleviate their pain for your pets. I am referring to cats and dogs.

When I refer to a correct dose, I am talking about their weight. A weight chart will determine the correct dose.

So let’s back up a little.

There are many ailments a pet can have. Just like us, they need to have a medical evaluation.

This would include a trip to the Veterinary hospital. The Veterinarian will do a diagnosis.

At this point it will determined what medications will be prescribed to help with whatever the ailment is.

Maybe cbd oil can play a part in being beneficial, maybe not.

I think a discussion with your vet might help with some decisions.

Unfortunately your four legged friend can’t tell you want is going on with them.

You will be able to see the external physical disabilities that exist, but you don’t the severity of the pain so that you can aleviate it.

There are companies that make cbd oil for pets, and you want a reputable one, so that your pet is getting the best cbd oil for the ailments.

I’m not sure how many veterinarians are on board with the cbd industry, you will need to ask. 

My personal experience when I brought the subject was a referral to a holistic vetenarian.

That message came from the front desk, not the vet himself.

So let’s talk about cbd 

CBD ( Cannabinoids )

The human body is part of the vertabre family. We have an endocannabinoid system that is adaptable to cannabinoids.

The industrial hemp plant is processed into an oil. These cannabinoids are very beneficial to our bodies.

They attach to receptors that go to the brain and then become involved in blocking pain and also reduce inflammation.

Please note that studies are ongoing and further research is needed. 

Also, cbd oil is legal in many states, but please check your area for the legality of it.

In addition, the FDA has not approved of this product including the federal law.


As I mentioned before, CBS oil is derived from the industrial hemp plant. I have a website in this post that promotes cbd oil for pets.

I will receive a commission if you purchase any products. 

This product is a whole spectrum oil. The whole plant is processed including the hemp seeds.

This particular cbd oil is full of nutrients and vitamins including all the cannabinoids that are a great benefit for your pet.

You will discover that many holistic veterinarians endorse this product.

All you need to do is administer the correct dosage in your pets food and that is all that is required.

Pain Management

I want to give a personal endorsement for the pain management that this oil has given me.

No, I am not taking cbd oil for pets.

But I am taking CBD Pure. It is the same company. They have cbd oil for humans and cbd oil for pets.

I do not have any pets to give you a story about involving cbd oil.

But you need to know that the cbd oil for pets comes from the same industrial plant and aleviates the pain the same way.

In fact, it also beneficial in that it reduces anxiety and stress.

This all works great for me,  and I wouldn’t hesitate to administer to a pet.

I consider it to be the best cbd oil for pets including horses.

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